Meet the Organizer, Landen! Community Affairs South

Why did you join the Instacart team? 

I joined Instacart from the political campaign world as a new challenge to continue to learn and grow in my love for connecting and advocating issues for people in more of a corporate setting. I love Instacart as a company and consumer as we continue to be a growing and essential way to get groceries to our communities. 

What is your role at Instacart? 

My role at Instacart is the Community Affairs Organizer for the South! 

What are you most excited about at Instacart?

I am excited to connect with the shopper community and cultivate relationships across the southern region. I am very people oriented and I’m excited to meet all of y’all both virtually in person (soon!) 

What’s your “side dish” — a hobby, a hidden talent, a fun fact that would surprise us about you? 

I love playing disc golf in my free time! Disc Golf is a better and excited version of golf with small frisbee discs. It’s fun and super competitive! 

What is always in your grocery shopping cart?

Some form of coffee is ALWAYS in my cart. I bounce around between getting several cold brew bottles or flavored coffee grounds. I enjoy my hot coffee and/ or iced coffee in the AM!  

What does food access mean to you?

Food Accessibility takes different forms but it’s about the means in which not being able to have quality and sustainable food for your family. This is very common in rural communities and holds a deep meaning to me as someone has experienced dealing with the lack of food and challenging our elected officials to support their constituencies and communities

Anything else you want to share with the shopper community? 

Say hello! I love hearing from people and seeing different perspectives so please reach out to me with any questions, comments or concerns.